Danse Petro: Five days left

Strike successful

With five days left in President Jovenel Moise’s constitutional mandate a general strike has paralyzed all activities not only in Port-au-Prince, but also in all major towns of Haiti yesterday and today. In Les Cayes, a demonstration drained a massive crowd, which chanted the end of Jovenel and the PHTK. Everywhere persons stayed at home, while banks and stores remained shut. With most gas stations closed, gasoline is being sold in the street at three to four times the normal price.

Barricade in St Marc

In some of the provinces militants have blocked the roads with burning tires, tree trunks, rocks and other types of barricade. As usual the president has stayed silent, hunkering down, hoping it will all pass, but this time the situation is worse. In all parts of the country people are raised against the president, demanding that he respect the constitution. If he saw fit to dismiss the parliament, claiming that their four years were up, now a year later it is his turn because 4 plus one equals five. So, even if he hides and waits for the worst to come, his time is up.

Members of the Haitian National Police are committing grave violations of human rights, arresting and brutalizing militants to support the illegal regime in its last gasps. Many of those police officers will have to face justice when the president leaves because persons are watching them, documenting their brutal suppression of the population. In Cap Haitien, police units shot at people, and tried to force people to remove barricades. The situation is really bad in the whole country, as it seems the population is all in against the authorities.

Young people are in the streets, fighting the police which is pitting itself against the population. Usually a general strike shakes the foundation of the country, but President Moise does not care if the country perished, as long as he can preen and talk nonsense with his wife at his side. They both represent the worst that Haitian society is showing these days. This is a president who has watched the economy die from his incompetence, coupled with the free reins given to bandits, thieves and gangsters. President Moise is happy to steal the most money he can, while watching millions of people suffer famine and poverty. His supporters are mainly drug dealers and rich importers who are destroying any attempt at local agriculture, and industrial production in order to maintain a monopoly on all goods. Gangs are being armed to the teeth to suppress the population and ruin all businesses not associated with the powers in charge. You have to wonder how people manage to survive everyday. As heard on Radio Zenith today, armed bandits, some of them recognized by persons as people coming straight from jail are accompanying the State Prosecutor in Les Cayes, to intimidate militants in order to break up the demonstration. Here you have the person with the responsibility of protecting the population from bandits, using gangsters fresh from jail to suppress persons trying to demonstrate legally. This is emblematic of the government of Jovenel Moise and the PHTK. In the meantime in PAP, police units are taking militants into custody for demonstrating and demanding an end to injustice.

It is up to the population to protect itself from legal bandits sponsored by Jovenel Moise and the PHTK. Police officers do not pursue bandits and kidnappers because they are under orders to fight militants, while ignoring most criminals. The population is trying their best to fight or avoid gangsters in the areas where they live, but they are outgunned by well armed bandits who don’t fear the police.

This image above, taken from Whatsap, shows the state of the country, and how it will become if Jovenel Moise and the crooked PHTK politicians are allowed to remain in power. It is really sad that the international community supports these crooks, with the United States in the lead. Let’s hope that President Joe Biden will change this policy of supporting Ali Baba and the 40 thieves, and allow Haitians to have honest persons in charge. As usual, the press in the U.S. is staying silent, even though the whole country is like a boiling pot, ready to explode in five days. How long before they start to realize that less than a hundred miles from Florida persons are dying at the hands of thugs supported by the government and a whole country is shut down.


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