Danse Petro: Ten days left

Well, tomorrow it will be single figures until President Jovenel Moise arrives at the end of his mandate. He is still clinging to the idea that he can fight the inevitable, and his allies of the PHTK and others try to put up a brave front, claiming that the president has until 2022. Little by little Jovenel is losing international support, the European Parliament joining the chorus of demands for justice and accountability from the government of Haiti. As far as the country goes this will be another day of demonstrations and strife in different parts of the country. A march led by journalists and people supporting them made its way in Port-au-Prince, on Ave Lamartiniere demanding an end to police brutality and a stop on attacks against journalists. During recent demonstrations police officers targeted some journalists with tear gas and physical violence. Many persons joined the march, which delivered a message at the Ministry of Justice for the authorities. As heard of a radio report, a journalist talked about how they are victimized by police officers while those same officers often seek them when they need to make their grievances known.

Last night in Jacmel, main town in the Southeast, fire was set on a stand erected by the government for carnival celebrations. In these times of fear and political uncertainty, carnival is the last thing in persons’ mind. Not to advocate violence, but people are getting exasperated with the government’s attitude. Carnival is being planned as if February is going to be a peaceful, normal month, while everywhere signs point to a looming disaster.

Stand burning in Jacmel/ Photo from whatsap

Downtown Port-au-Prince was no mans land this morning, with bullets fired from heavy caliber guns from the Southern entrance to the North all along the area. According to news reports, Ti Junio, a gang leader from the G9, an amalgam of gangs in the metropolitan area, was killed by the police, so the other gangs in the group came out in force, shooting and battling the police. A monster traffic jam was created in the area of the Plaine, north entrance of Port-au-Prince, as motorists had to turn back because of flaming tires and gun fire. Lower Delmas slowly became deserted by midday because all persons left or hunkered down in their homes. Gang members fired their guns all afternoon terrorizing the population which scurried about looking for shelter in most of the city.

Call for demonstration in Cap

More demonstrations are called for tomorrow in Les Cayes, and Sunday in Cap Haitien, after the capital the two biggest town in the country. Groups like Nou Pap Domi, Petro Challenge are waiting to take the pavement. A general strike has been called for on February 1 and 2, and it seems like it will be followed by most in the population. The country is becoming more and more insecure because criminals are running around trying to make money before D-day which may put an end to control of their territories.

Less than ten days left.


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