Yaya has joined us

A ton of congratulations to Angie Bell and Tico Armand, the authors of this new illustrated hard cover book, The Adventures of Yaya: Soup Joumou Lakay Grann Pola. The two young women, Angie and Tico worked together to write this wonderful book with the help of Jerry Boursicot as a graphic artist. The manual is beautiful with pictures and text intertwined into an attractive canvas. It is a story that will entertain persons of all ages, but it is designed to really entertain and excite children. It is written in both English and Haitian, so it can be enjoyed by many people of all walks of life.

The Adventures of Yaya will soon be part of the African American Library – Fort Lauderdale Reading Center on Sunrise Blvd for the enjoyment of the surrounding community. We hope it will be part of the collection of all libraries in Souther Florida because Angie Bell, one of the authors of the book, grew up in South Florida, and her achievement should be part of the literature available here in Miami and Broward County

Angie signing a book for a buyer

Both of the authors of this book are talented young women who embody the movement to empower women all over. Tico Armand is an internationally known model and artist who is adding being an author to her impressive list of achievements. Angie Bell is well known in the Haitian Community in Southern Florida as a promoter of events and more recently as an advocate of Cap Haitien and its riches in terms of sightseeing and historical monuments. She has been promoting a platform online to display the beauty of the region and help businesses in the department have a window into the world. I will advise everyone to get this beautiful book for your child and for your coffe table because it looks great. You’ll enjoy reading it, as the story is simple and entertaining.

Good luck to the two fantastic authors of The Adventures of Yaya: Soup Joumou Lakay Grann Pola. Hope you sell a million copies. We are waiting for the next adventures.

Tico and Angie with Jimmy Moise

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