16 Days left – Opposition Leader arrested

With 16 days left on his constitutional mandate, President Jovenel Moise is desperately trying to stay in power illegally by all means necessary. Former Senator Nenel Cassy was arrested in Miragoane today, along with Jean Timalis, a well known militant. Senator Cassy was arrested as he went to inquire about militants who had been arrested. His arrest has triggered demonstrations this evening in Delmas, Miragoane and other places. Spontaneously, a couple of thousand persons have already gathered in Delmas, demanding freedom for political prisoners and that Jovenel leave.

President Moise is playing his last cards because with this arrest he is telling the population to fight or be crushed. With the inauguration of Joe Biden as President of the U.S. the PHTK regime is starting to panic. They must scare persons into accepting their illegal takeover of Haitian society. In Les Cayes demonstrations are beginning as we publish this blog. According to militants heard on RCH2000, the south is boiling, ready to lock their department.

Jovenel Moise only has 16 days left, and he has challenged the population to a fight with his latest moves. Militants are heating up the mobilization, as politicians from all sides are taking to the air to denounce this sequestration.

Canape Vert

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