17 Days left

As the bells were ringing, and the full pageantry was on display, Joe Biden, jr. became the 46th President of the United States, while the whole world, it seemed, watched. At the same time in Haiti, militants and political leaders fought with police, while they demonstrated once again asking for President Jovenel Moise to end his term, as mandated by the constitution. This time, led by former Senator Nenel Cassy a group made their way to the Embassy of the United States in Port-au-Prince to deliver a message to the new President of the United States. A message that demanded the end of support from the U.S. and the international community to President Moise who is trying to extend his mandate with only 17 days left.

Early in the day the Haitian National Police showed how the day would be, as they attacked a peaceful gathering in Champs de Mars, lobbing tear gas and firing their guns, ostensibly in the air, but… Later on toward noon, Nenel Cassy led a crowd of militants in front of the U.S. Embassy to deliver a message to Joe Biden. Other political opponents also spoke before the crowd dispersed. At the same time in Les Cayes, the biggest town in the South, demonstrators marched through the streets demanding that Jovenel leave power on time. As heard on radio RCH2000 “this sitting is just a taste of what’s coming” a militant was heard saying, “February 1, and February 5 we’ll be back on the pavement…… We’ve had enough of state sponsored kidnappings.”

“Feb 7 the people will be president.” A Crowd that had gathered at Kafou Fleuriot started to chant and regroup. Prior to that, police had dispersed them with liberal use of tear gas, but militants urged the crowd to regroup and start battling the police by throwing rocks and bottles. This started a running battle with cops taking cover, then shooting rubber rounds, while throwing tear gas. The demonstrators tried to gather at Kafou Aeropo, the start of the road to the airport, only to have police lob tear gas blanketing the whole area. As it happens that this was a school day, students from three schools in the area were trapped and gassed, some fainted. Parents were seen trying to pick up their children and screaming in frustration, while police continued to fire tear gas and shoot. It was a scene out of what hell probably looks like. It was as if the police were making the population pay for trying to present their message of resistance. A group of lawyers have vowed to go drop complaints in the courts asking for criminal indictment of the Director of the police and the officers in patrol vehicle 100-365 who will be accused of brutality and attempted murder.

In Arcahaie, people also demonstrated against President Moise, asking him to step down. As a person was heard saying, they had gathered early and made the rounds of the town, demanding an end to kidnappings and unemployment. The national highway to the North was blocked, while the population peacefully marched chanting slogans against Jovenel.

With 17 days left until he leaves office, Jovenel is rejected throughout Haiti. The few in the middle class who did not want troubles to start are disgusted with all the kidnappings. They are ready for the departure also because the population is tired. As the police were brutally suppressing demonstrations in Port-au-Prince and Delmas, schoolchildren in Diquini were in the streets screaming and crying because one of their peer, a young girl, had been kidnapped. Those children were in the street asking for the police to help them; cops came all right, only to beat some of them and break up their sit in. Makes you wonder if they are in it too. Those police officers have had some of their peers kidnapped, recently it was a police inspector who was taken. Even though, police officers use tear gas and beat up children looking for justice and freedom for their comrade. 17 days left.

Ak Kob CIRH la tou

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