Failed Coup, Failed Support

Final Destination

While those crazed, primed for murder Drumpeteers were ascending walls, breaking down doors, toppling barricades (which looked kind of flimsy, considering) and rushing into Congress, in Haiti PHTK leaders allied with President Jovenel Moise started celebrating, busting out the champagne. As these folks are used to seizing and holding on to power against the will of the people, they cheered and applauded Donald Trump’s rather foolish attempt at stealing the presidency. Jovenel is worried that elected President of the United States Joe Biden will not provide support to his government, the murderous band of thieves and the support of gangsters he relies on to stay in power in Haiti. The incoming President of the U. S. is not like Drump and he may not want to continue providing support vital to President Moise staying in power. It is said that Joe Biden will not continue to openly attack Venezuelan President Nicola Maduro, and will favor dialogue and peaceful pressure, rather than aggression. So President Moise of Haiti who voted against Venezuela in the Organization of American States on orders from Washington loses importance and may not be needed anymore.

As we write this blog today, the streets are heating up in Port-au-Prince, Gonaives and it seems all over the country. A sizable portion of the population is fed up with President Moise, kidnapping, murders and all the mayhem brought by gangs who support his presidency, or enjoy the free reins he allows them to enjoy. People are tired of living in fear, not knowing what the future will bring, as they lose their jobs and watch the economy go down the tubes. Beginning with education, continuing with the justice system, healthcare, the availability of electricity, the list is endless, Jovenel Moise’s presidency and his government has failed at everything. Between his tremendously failing government and the previous catastrophic failures of the presidency and government of Michel Martelly ten years have been wasted with nearly 15 billion dollars stolen or misappropriated from the country. Along with the stealing of money by the two Ali Babas and their eighty thieves, they presided over the destruction of the agricultural system and the justice system, all while they have also ruined whatever remained of an education system that was lacking to start with. Ten years of criminal ineptitude, thievery and internationally supported governments that suppressed the population have bankrupt the country; yet with all this in mind, those blood thirsty legal bandits want to stay in power by arranging bogus elections to select officials funded by drug dealers and gang leaders. Guns are coming in the country everyday by land, by sea and in containers to prepare for the election. With that, let the party continue, while millions starve, die and try to escape by leaving the country by any means available.

As February 7 nears, the people are mobilizing, preparing to resist dictatorship once again. It almost seems like 1986 never took place when you look at the arrogance Jovenel Moise shows, as he spews out his message. The PHTK is trying to cower the population so that they can gain control of parliament and change the constitution to favor their foreign bosses in the quest to control mining and other wealth that Haiti possesses. So, as you never know how people act, U.S. policy may remain SOS with the new administration and the Haitian people will have to take matters in their own hands. Nou Pap Domi, the Petro Challengers and other youth movements must lead the population in their quest for liberty and survival. The political opposition needs to unite in a single front to not only lead the fight, but also help rebuild the fabric of the country by forgetting ambition, and put country first. It’s not something most of them want to do, but the population has had enough with false prophets and leaders who lead from the rear. Starting on the fifteenth of this month, demonstrations are planned in all major towns to let Jovenel know it’s time to go along with the PHTK and their allies. What is needed is concerted action that lets everyone who is positive contribute. Dark days are ahead for Haiti, and as I said in a previous post the waiting game is on, only a couple of weeks left until…………………….


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