Drump Action

A l’assaut

President Donald Trump really earned his nickname Drump with his latest attempt at a coup d’etat this past Thursday. With a hoard of rabid fans storming the Capitol building the plan was to take over once the verifying vote was derailed. It was not a smart decision, and you can be sure that it will carry bad consequences for Drump (dumb + Trump = Drump). He will feel the heat in coming days, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is going to pressure him to resign or face another impeachment. But seriously, has there ever been such a piss poor attempt at changing the course of history. Did Drump really think that he could reverse the election outcome by having his fans storm congress? As delusional as it seems it appears to have been the plan. Simplistic and stupid because that did not stop the vote from happening later on. You can be sure that whoever came up with the idea is not the smartest person around. Maybe Baron did because it was childish at best. I predicted something like this in previous posts, but I thought with Putin’s help it would be something serious. Well it does not look like Vladimir was involved, too amateurish.

After the episode with the fly on his pristine white hair during the debate with VP elect Kamala Harris, the assault on Capitol Hill will remain with Mike Pence forever. While the black fly on the white hair was the black intruder in the white party, the assault could be the opportunity for the Republican Party to save itself from Drump. This has allowed previous stalwart defenders of Drump to do a complete 360, like Lindsey Graham did by waving his arm and declaring he was through. Ted Cruz, another who became a Drump minion, declared that he was not following the president anymore. This is the perfect opportunity for the Republican Party to move away from President Trump without fear of retaliations from those who voted for him because he messed up. With this dumb move Drump is allowing a mass exodus from him and his platform because as people realize the extent of his stupidity they will move away from him. So this will allow the party to try to resurrect itself and find a new champion after four years of darkness when they thought life was great. Even those dumb enough to risk their freedom on that day will start to think for themselves.


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