Georgia on My Mind

As of this post, Raphael Warnock has won the race and is the new senator for the State of Georgia. Big time congratulations to him and his team because this would not have happened without everyone involved. The other race, which will shift the balance of power in the United States Senate, is almost over with Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff in the lead. It looks like he will also win the seat and join Warnock in a sweep of this special election by the Democratic Party to gain a tenuous majority in the senate. Georgia has always been a bastion of Republican policy makers. They have always controlled most of the major elections by making sure African Americans voted in small numbers. So this victory is doubly satisfyingly, and it may signal the decline of the Republican Party.

Stacey Abrams is directly responsible for this important victory in both cases because it was her effort to register and encourage thousands of people to vote that allowed Joe Biden to win Georgia in the presidential election back in November, and both democratic candidates to sweep the races for senator. After her defeat in a rigged election for governor, she rolled up her sleeves and showed those racists repulsivecans that next go around she would still be there. A woman to be reckoned with who deserves much respect, or RE-spect as we Caribbean folks say.

With this victory in the senate, Joe Biden will be able to push his agenda through congress with a friendly majority in both chambers. Of course, now starts the real work of both healing a country battered by covid, unemployment, widespread poverty, racial inequality, an opioid epidemic that people have forgotten with covid being the star, Russian sabotage; there is so much. Just this morning as I was driving past Oakland Park Blvd in Broward County, FL, I noticed a line of vehicles over two miles long waiting for free food being handed out. People are having a hard time keeping themselves fed, while jobs are scarce and money is tight.

At least Georgia is peachy, with news from both races for senator looking bright. After reconstruction, this is the most organized effort by African Americans in that state to unite their efforts and vote for candidates they believe in. Stacey Abrams was a key player, as I’ve said before, and she deserves a lot of credit. We hope that she will not be forgotten by the party after the celebrations. For now let’s party, boogie down with the Ohio Players, Fi’’’’’re …….Fi’’’’re, the way you move………really shoot your shot, feel dynamite!


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