Desperate Measures

Drump refuses to face reality, so he resorts to base, crass attempts at bribing or threatening Georgia’ s Secretary of State to try to steal the election. The man is unhinged; he has lost his marbles. As if he doesn’t know that everything you say on the telephone is recorded, he blabs on for all to hear. Seriously now, if you use a cell phone Big Brother is listening, tracking your whereabouts and figuring all your patterns, like what you like, where you go, what you do, when you do it, how you do it, even what position you use to do it. You just don’t realize it. They call it cookies, an innocent name to catalog every touch you apply. So don’t worry, Big Brother is watching. I’m going to talk about this more in a future blog, but suffice it to say your cell phone is watching you all the time. The NSA and various other government agencies from the U.S. and other countries that possess electronic listening programs are always listening and watching our every moves, and they use all the commercial communication companies, like T Mobile, AT&T and Verizon to name a few to catalog data. They also plug into HBO, MTV and other entertainment outlets to further keep an eye on us through data gathering. Make no mistake about it, almost everything we do can be monitored if the need arises. So Drump is leaving a trail that may land him in Leavenworth.

So back to the soon to be out of office President Donald Trump, or Drump to his friends, and acquaintances who know him best. Drump seems to have lost support from Poutine who has seen the writing on the wall. He knows he lost a key agent at the heart of U.S. policy. Drump used to call him a friend, and even said that he trusted Poutine more than his own people in CIA and NSA. During his time in office the president probably put in some people working for Poutine at the Russian’s orders. The guy probably has something on Drump who seems to look at him through rose colored glasses. Strange right. But not if one guy is holding on to the other’s nuts in gloved hands, dictating the play of the day to him.

As the days drag on to inauguration the Republican Party is going through painful times. Some elected Republicans still stand with Drump in his suicidal roller coaster toward a crash on January 21. Many are trying to use their post to mount futile challenges never seen in U. S. history. No loser in the race for president has ever tried to change the outcome as much as Drump has. He refuses to see the reality, and this is dangerous for the democratic system where two parties dominate the political power alternatively while accepting the outcome of elections. On January 6, 2021 the Trumpeteers, or I should say the Drumpeteers will try some desperate measures both in congress and in the streets. We have to be careful that Drump doesn’t use the mayhem his supporters will create to try to use emergency powers to delay the inauguration. Then we will have real mayhem and destruction across the country. Let us hope that the party that once featured Abraham Lincoln can stop following Drump in order to survive this moment.


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