Happy Holiday and a Great New Year

I wish everyone a happy new year. Have a great time and let the spirit of the creator guide all your actions in the year coming. We can only hope that the travails of the past year will lessen if not be gone for some. People in The USA, in Haiti and in many parts of the world, if not all of it need a respite from a particularly bad year and we need a change in health, the economy and a better approach to human relations from those that lead. After the ravages of the Covid 19 pandemic, workers need more respect, better benefits especially in terms of health and retirement, and a salary that will allow people to live decently, and save a little in case of being out of work.

A new era

In the USA, a new president is a sign of better days ahead for the average worker. After the days of Drump, I mean Trump, we need a breath of fresh air, with more going to people that work, and less going to those that rake in millions. President Joe Biden will have to change the script and provide help to a workforce that has been battered this past year.

As far as Haiti is concerned, well the new year can’t be worse, and our leaders need to retire to pasture. That’s all I will say for now.

Happy new year everyone, enjoy and have a great 2021. May all your endeavors be fruitful and successful.


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