Danse Petro: Waiting Game

As the year comes to an end, Haiti is playing the waiting game. On the one hand everyone is waiting to see what will happen in February next year, on the other hand President Jovenel Moise is waiting for the opportunity to organize elections that will be acceptable to his handlers in the State Department, while terrorizing the population into acceptance. The majority of the population is not interested in participating in elections because between fear of bandits and the rising cost of living people don’t want to waste time voting in a contest where the winner has already been decided. President Moise needs to hold elections to satisfy the international community and establish a stronghold on power. As we have said many times the president needs to have a selected parliament to change the constitution to serve both his megalomaniac plans, and give foreign access to all the country’s natural resources. By promising access to mining and possible exploration of oil wells offshore Moise hopes to get a sizable personal fortune from the foreign companies which will pay him a few millions to rake in the billions in resources.

The political opposition to the president of Haiti and his allies, the PHTK and groups of gangsters, is also waiting. Pitit Desalin with Jean Charles Moise, Andre Michel, Lavalas with Maryse Narcisse, Nenel Cassy and Shiller Louidor; Youri Latortue and his political party the AAA, Edmonde Supplice Beauzile and her party the Fusion of Social Democrats, the MOPOD and a host of other politicians, all members of the opposition are some of the actors waiting for February of next year, since this is D day for either the departure or the indefinite dictatorial stay of President Jovenel Moise. Andre Michel, the activist lawyer, is calling for a general mobilization the week before D day. The waiting game has all the population in a watching mode in expectation of the worst, as people navigate around garbage strewn all over the street.

Usually, I do not like showing garbage and negative images of my beloved country, but sometimes we must show the degrading reality that present officials in charge have allowed. This is what the population is facing, along with the rise in kidnappings and armed robberies. Every day is a struggle and tis not the season.

Although they are staying active by educating and pushing mobilization, members of Nou Pap Domi and other groups of young activists are waiting for the opportunity to make a contribution to change in the country. For them February will represent an opportunity to help the population in its quest for better living conditions and improvement in their quality of life. These young people represent the future, as they struggle everyday to survive with dignity. Their movement is what people in Haiti need to support because it can help develop new leaders that can make the country better. These young activists need to avoid having their movement taken over by agents from other countries who claim to want to help, while only looking destroy their home. Too often politicians and so called civil society groups are used by foreign embassies to thwart their original goals and further destroy the country. So, Nou Pap Domi and the others need to be careful, and stay away from money with strings attached, like many of the politicians usually get. Fundraising should be done in a grassroots manner where Haitians in the diaspora can be very useful. Just some advice, for I do not have the ability, nor the inclination to tell these young warriors what to do. Just want to help them, as much as I can.

The Prime Minister of Haiti Joseph Jouthe is also waiting. He is waiting for the police to follow his orders and attack the gangs who are controlling large neighborhoods near major towns, while also preying on travelers on the national highways. The PM was seen in a spirited address declaring war on the gangs, I think it was before or maybe after he was seen dancing with a pretty policewoman in uniform in a clip that is circulating online. Jouthe warns the gangs that he “has the population behind him” in the battle he promises to begin against them. It seems like a reach, since most people do not trust neither him, nor the police. Most police officers listened to that declaration skeptically because the conditions are not there to take control of the gangs. Weapons are entering the country illegally almost every day, most of the time to feed criminals terrorizing the population. In a recent police operation in Village de Dieu scores of people were killed and many homes destroyed, but no definite report was issued to show positive results. For days people heard heard gunfire and many persons were seen running away from the area. There are unconfirmed reports that a well known gang leader was killed along with many of his associates, but nothing definite is being said, while the operation is still ongoing.


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