Danse Petro : No Justice, No Peace

With the most recent march against crime and impunity broken up by the police in Port-au-Prince on the day of international celebrations of the Human rights declaration, once again the Haitian Government of President Jovenel Moise is showing its colors: dictatorship or bust. The president is hell bent on establishing a regime of terror, while seemingly allying with other countries in calling the recent election in Venezuela illegal and not democratic. Of course, all these countries, members of the OAS, are following orders from the U.S. State Department, which is determined to overthrow President Nicolas Maduro. President Jovenel Moise is serving his bosses who in return are supporting his illegal regime. So, it’s ironic that Jovenul is voting to supposedly show support to the Venezuelan people, while suppressing his own people through murder and illegal violence against demonstrators in violation of constitutional and human rights. Clear case of psychological disorder or Machiavellian thinking, or maybe both because we’re dealing with an individual who is not listening to the times. At the same time, as we shall show later, his bosses are showing ambivalence due to a possible change of policy tied the change in regime from Trump, or shall we say Drump, to Biden.

The price for this support of a wannabe dictator, Jovenel Moise, is the destruction of Haitian society, as we know it, and the transformation of the Republic into a paradise for gangsters, kidnappers and drug dealers. The international community, with the U.S. in the lead, has supported Jovenel blindly, even though they are well aware of his crimes and his criminal associates. The justice system in Haiti has become a government tool to repress all in the population who demand justice, democracy and a better way of life; while on the other hand criminals are allowed to go free, and operate with no fear of punishment. According to Pierre Esperance, the respected human rights advocate, the Dean of the Court who is the judge in charge of all magistrates is working hand in hand with the president and the PHTK. There has not been any kidnappers judged and condemned for the last three or four years, while kidnapping is raging uncontrolled. The Petro Caribe case involving the theft of over four and a half billion dollars from the State, where President Moise has been implicated, is in the hands of a judge known to work in favor of the president and his allies. The police is solely interested in breaking lawful demonstrations by gassing, brutalizing and sometimes killing militants following orders from the palace. Of all the murders that have been committed, some of them going back years like the killing of Alain Douge, a peaceful computer expert killed in his own home, to the more recent execution of Monferrier Dorval the HNP has not found any of the culprits. Lately, no one has been arrested for kidnapping either save for some young men used as sacrificial lamb in the torture of Evelyn Sincere. The gang responsible for the action wasn’t bothered at all.

Nou Pap Domi and a host of other militant groups have had sit ins, demonstrations and public meetings violently broken up by squad of police officers violating basic human rights. The militant group has been active in keeping the people informed and mobilized, even though all their sit ins and various public activities and participation in lawful, peaceful demonstrations have always ended with the police tearing up their banners and throwing tear gas, with no regards for anybody in the area. According to a member of Nou Pap Domi heard in a recent interview, the group has stayed active by educating folks and strengthening themselves. They participated in the recent march in Port-au-Prince against kidnapping, gangs and crime, which took place on International Human Rights Day. As seen on the web based network tripotay lakay, the demonstrations started peacefully on Champs de Mars. Militants gathered with a large banner and various hand held signs denouncing kidnappings, gang related murders, rapes and human rights abuses. “If we are terrorists Jovenel is a kidnapper” they were yelling, as the march started and made its way to Lalue, passing Poste Marchand. By then, the crowd swelled to over a couple of thousands, all denouncing government involvement in recent crimes.

The U.S. Treasury Department has decided to sanction three individuals whom they believe are responsible for massacres in La Saline, Bel Air and other places in Haiti from 2018 to now. The three, Fednel Monchery, Pierre R. Duplan and Jimmy Cherizier are accused of participation in those crimes in violation of U.S. law. As a slap in the face of the justice system in Haiti, the Treasury Department is showing regrets that the justice system in the said country is unable to give justice to its people. Now, do we see this as the wind of change caused by a new administration? Do we anticipate that a change in U.S. policy is happening because of Biden / Harris? Only the future will tell, while this could just be a case of sacrificing some bothersome former soldiers, as was the case with Butter Metayer, another long story. So far the State Department has always ignored the violations of rights, by Jovenel’s government in Haiti, and it’s interesting that the Treasury Department, not the State Department decided to sanction the men mentioned above. More names may become targets of the justice system in the USA because many of the people violating human rights are U.S. citizens, like Martelly and his clan. It could be just the beginning of pointing fingers at thugs working for Jovenul to reign him in, and refurbish his image for use in later elections. We can also hope that the new administration will listen to U.S. Congress members who have denounced the massacres committed by allies of the government and of the PHTK. Time will tell once again, but Haitians in the U. S. need to start coming together to inform people here about the need for a stop in the support of dictatorship. We will keep the focus on the situation because Haitian people need to mobilize for justice.


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