On to Inauguration

Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com

The end of spring. Winter once again knocking at the door; time for the flowers and the leaves to fall from the trees, as President Trump’s hopes are, falling that is. Because Joe and Kamala have turned the corner and are asking us to join them in bringing in the new team. Joe Biden is the new President of the United States and he will be inaugurated on Wednesday, January 20, in the nation capital Washington, D.C. Kamala Harris is the first woman of African-Asian descent to be Vice President, another first in the history of the country, marking time for change and a more efficient approach to the fight against Covid-19. The new president and his running mate will usher in the Biden regime to replace Donald Trump who will move on to better pasture.

Talking about Drump, did you notice how his voice was cracking in a flat, defeated manner when he spoke this past Friday? He sounded broken, his voice lacking the usual resonance of arrogance. He looked really beaten and while the media concentrated on his graying hair, the weak mien in his voice was more indicative of defeat. He will soon abandon his crazy stance of refusing defeat because he was not smart enough to beat Joe in the race, so surely he is not smart enough to defeat the system. When you lose the election, you must turn over the keys, and take leave of the presidency. If Drump continues in his stubborn refusal to accept the results he will bring the Republican Party down with him. Sure, millions of Republicans voted for him, but Trump lost and only violence can delay his removal. As Former President Obama said, the whole fabric of the nation is at stake if Republicans join Drump in his dumb attempt to reverse time and extend the election campaign. If you listened on Friday, it seemed as if the President was campaigning, judging by how he was whining. His usual tone was not there because he sounded broken and defeated.

all thanks to MSNBC

Time to usher in the new President Joe Biden, and his Vice President Kamala Harris on January 20. It is not as if magically all problems will be solved, but the new administration will look out more for the working class and stop giving all advantages to the millionaire class. The new leadership will have to figure out ways to help working class people survive the Covid-19 pandemic with much better support than was offered before. Yes, we’re going to celebrate Drump’s departure in January, but we also have to hold Joe Biden to his words. The Black vote helped get the ticket over, now is time for Blacks to receive at least a bit of meat on the bones left on the table. In the USA, whenever Black people have sided with a candidate in their quest for justice and equal opportunities, they have been left behind. Their just demands and earnest search for healthy living and equitable work opportunities are met by neglect and SOS. So what to do? Even with Barak Obama in office things did not significantly get better for Black people, in terms of jobs, loans for small businesses, less police brutality and better housing, especially in South Florida. Sure, a lot of pride was restored and on the federal level and in federal courts a lot of opportunities opened for people of color and women. But more is needed to grant to the Black community the same amount of support that is given to whites. Biden/Harris must tackle a lot of problems before the country begins to come out of this bad spiral of the past four years, when Drump was at his best.

It’s onward to January 20 and the big party. Let’s all join and celebrate, no matter who we are for, and tackle the problems together. One big party before the work starts on Inauguration Day, with everyone wearing their finest, all decorations in place and free booze for all over the age. Time for President Biden to throw a big party, with all invited to signal the end of marginalization. A big hurrah to this feast after the famine, as we all hope for better times ahead.

Photo by Life Matters on Pexels.com


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