Coup d’Etat a la Putin?

Well, I do not want to sound like an alarmist, but sometimes the situation demands a clear look at all possibilities. In an earlier post, I spoke about the Russian factor, which I must admit has not materialized yet in the election process, save for a few isolated incidents, it would appear, on social platforms. I said we should beware of the campaign by Russian operatives that brought President Trump to power in the first place by tipping the scale in his favor in 2016. But Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have defeated all the obstacles and rabid fanatics that carried the President to power against Hilary Clinton. Joe is the President elect, ready to take the reins and impose a new agenda, with Kamala at his side.

Unsurprisingly, President Trump has chosen to ignore his defeat and concentrate on buying time, in terms of conceding, and more importantly in terms of preparing an orderly transition. Key members of his administration are following his lead in acting as if the contest is not over by refusing to cooperate in the transition. It is only the Secret Service that has ramped up the security around the President elect, while other key agencies have stonewalled. In the Senate, where the president will be formally appointed, the majority leader, Mitch McConnell, better known as Moscow Mitch outside of Kentucky, has wavered and is not showing signs of preparing to formally send his leader to pasture.

Presently, the people have voted, and although President Donald Trump received over 70 million votes, he has lost the election. It is time for him to face reality and listen to the sound of defeat. It is resounding loud and clear in major cities where people are rejoicing, singing in the streets, and ushering an era of hope. It is resounding with the words of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris who have assumed their mission with dignity, while telling Drump to be more like Trump. This is becoming worrisome, to the point where we ask ourselves if there is a plan behind all this bluster. Is the president preparing a coup where he will stay on as Head of State despite losing the election. Normally, such an outcome would be unthinkable due to the strength and traditions of U.S. institutions, coupled with a system of checks and balances that has always kept the country from losing its core values. But with Donald Trump all bets are off. Drump has shown that he does not respect institutions, and that he will cheat and steal to reach his goals. He is an admirer of Vladimir Putin, the Russian President who came from the KGB, and between the two, hatching a Coup d’Etat is not a far fetched idea. Putin has mastered the ability to control institutions through force. Between him and Drump, the idea of a takeover cannot be dismissed.

With this power play Donald Trump is going to destroy the Republican Party because people will turn away from it. The majority of Republicans are ready to move on from Drumpism and it’s nefarious effect on their party. But a minority in the party is ready to follow the president in his suicidal attempt to reverse history, and take over in true dictatorship style. If the gambit works, Drump will seek to stay in power until death. He will change the constitution to his liking, and eliminate all those opposed by using the federal police units. This may all sound like a bad dream, which I hope it is, but Drump’s actions are not ordinary, and his rabid, racist base will support him even if he destroys the country. The upcoming days are going to tell us what President Trump is willing to do: leave with dignity, or bring fire and brimstone to the USA.


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