The Russian Factor

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With Tuesday November 3 barreling down, President Donald Trump is trailing Democratic Candidate Joe Biden, and unless Joe really sticks his foot deep in his mouth the game is over. Biden – Harris has the wind square in their sails; Joe Biden is like a bulldog with a bone in his jaw, to take it away you’ll have to clobber him over the head repeatedly. Joe is talking Covid-19 non stop to show how President Trump has failed the American people by making false promises and insisting on not taking the pandemic seriously. As the last few days roll by before Election Day, more people are dying of Covid-19 and the amount of people infected is peaking again. This is all due to lack of prevention, people not wearing their mask, and not enough resources provided to hospital and public health to help people avoid the disease. President Trump is not leading the fight against the disease because all he cares about is getting re-elected, and his strategy is rallying his rabid, racist fan base. No matter how many lies President Trump utters about Biden- Harris representing doom for the economy, and Biden being corrupted, Covid-19 reminds the American people that things are bad, with people dying. The economy is a mess, as more and more people are unemployed, and cannot find work, while a housing crisis is looming. President Trump keeps lying that things are fine, but too many people are hurting for the country to keep believing him. Drump, I mean Trump is facing certain defeat, and he is relying now on his pal Vladimir Putin.

Right now, the Russian think tank to have Trump win the election is working overtime. Just as in 2016, all tactics are in play, like disinformation, hacking of databases, voter intimidation through fake agency messages and all tactics. Many of these strategic moves are illegal, but Russians operatives are working hard to change the outcome of the election by all means available. So far, there is nothing visible, save for a warning from the intelligence community about possible interference in the election from Russia and Iran. Hummm… We should expect more information on this and on countermeasures in place fight this. Has President Trump shown any inclination to fight this intrusion, or has he ordered the intelligence people to only look at Iran’s involvement?

People are voting in record numbers in the early elections, and we can see lines of people, sometimes in the rain, waiting to cast their ballots. Many of these people are voting Biden – Harris because they fear that four more years will mean more hardships and problems for them. The Russians are working overtime to counter the will of the people, and Drump, sorry I mean President Trump is counting on this extra push to fool the people once more. Only by voting en masse and making the outcome irreversible can the people foil the Russian factor, unlike 2016 when computers, social platforms and hacking determined the winner. People of African descent are going to be the main factor in deciding that Biden – Harris become the next President and Vice President of the USA next year.

In South Florida, Haitian Americans have three candidates who need our support on November 3, or in early voting. Mary Woodson is running for a seat in the Florida House of Representative, and we wish her luck. Patrick Jabouin is seeking the post of Commissioner for the Town of Sunrise; this is his second attempt, and we hope it’s successful. Patrick has a lot of experience, having worked with the Broward Sherrif’s Office and working in Real Estate, with a keen knowledge of Sunrise and problems affecting his adopted home. Patrick has lived in Sunrise for twenty or more years, so he knows his town. If you are a resident of Sunrise who is eligible to vote, choose Patrick Jabouin Sr. for Sunrise Commisioner Group D.

The other candidate we should vote for is Gepsie Morisset-Metellus who is running for County Commissioner in Miami Dade county. Gepsie has a long history of community involvement, and she has always been a great help to the Haitian community in Dade County. All Haitian Americans should vote for these candidates if they are eligible because we need to expand our political weight in the country, especially at the local level where all things begin.


One thought on “The Russian Factor

  1. if any of the assertions about Russia are true and we know it, so do the interested authorities. Let us see how they handle it.


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