Danse Petro: Dominoes Falling…

Photo by KML on Pexels.com

After a member of the special police unit in charge of protecting President of Haiti Jovenel Moise killed Gregory Saint-Hilaire, a student of ENS, the Shool of Education in the State University of Haiti, fellow students of all schools in the State University and some private universities, revolted by the murder of their comrade, have taken to the streets demanding justice and the departure of President Moise. High school students in many towns in Haiti were already holding sporadic marches to demand teachers be paid, so classes could resume, now students in universities have joined the many asking for a change in the country, demanding justice for Gregory Saint-Hilaire and the many others killed by people supporting President Jovenel Moise. Gregory was killed on a Friday evening inside the School of Law and Economics in Port-au-Prince, which has become a rallying point for demands for justice in the murder of Monferrier Dorval. He was there with some friends talking about wanting to live rather than survive, about the recent killing of Dorval, a teacher at the Law School, and a renowned lawyer, talking about how their country is becoming hell on earth because of bad corrupt leaders; an evening that ended with children crying in the night because of gunfire from those who think killing innocent people will make them better persons.

President Moise is facing students angry and revolted; many governments have fallen when faced with rebellion from young people who are determined. If the police and gangs hurt and kill a lot of those youngsters it will become an ignominious scandal, more people, including enraged parents and relatives will flood the streets and the opposition to President Moise will use the moment to strike a blow and derail the president’s plans. First and foremost Jovenel wants to hold elections for an obedient handpicked parliament; from there the sky is the limit: a constitution made to order, long term presidency with unlimited power, a parliament ready to approve all demands, the opportunity to enrich himself and his wife, the works. Students demonstrating demanding justice and a change in the country are fuel for the opposition because all of the leaders associated with it are searching for ways to stop this upcoming selection. Oh well, I meant election, but in truth this affair will be a selection where the winners will be chosen in advance. Gangs and immoral, crooked politicians will dominate Election Day and the winners are going to be their friends.

So, this is a turning point in the future of Haiti, and students in the streets are capable of bringing a succession of events, like dominoes aligned to fall one after the other. The murder of Saint-Hilaire is one of too many and many people want to put a stop to the macabre path the country is taking. Gangs are forming “federations” themselves, aligning with the government in charge now to create a situation akin to some states in Mexico where government and criminals are together like fingers in the same hand, terrorizing the population, selling drugs, promoting gambling and prostitution. As shown by the recent code of justice that Jovenel Moise promulgated he and his allies want to loosen morals and Make the country a place where sexual exploitation of children and loose morals will be used to attract tourist looking for cheap thrills. Rather than schools and education young people are being taught to use their bodies to get money and good things in life. Students in universities are realizing that sacrificing years of study and hard work are useless because only corruption and prostituting their body and mind will help them in the upcoming model of society the PHTK and its allies, all behind President Moise, want to usher in.

The students are facing murderous zealots, tied to the government, and backed by rich powerful people who want Jovenel to remain in power. Also, police officers ready to work with the powerful are pouncing on all who try to peacefully show their opposition in the traditional way by taking to the streets. The police in Haiti has found their calling in repressing peaceful demonstrators while watching well armed gangs terrorize the business sector and take over large territories. Once darkness sets in there is little police presence anywhere, so armed killers roam freely carrying out their evil deeds. Daylight does not mean the police is more effective since a businessman, owner of a supermarket was killed around noon on Rue Pavee, in the heart of port-au-Prince, near Champs de Mars, executed by killers riding motorcycles. So the police force is not protecting the population, rather the current leadership in the police force is firmly behind the government, even at the price of deep divisions and low morale destroying the force. Students and all those wanting change will have to contend with this unholy cabal of government, police and rich businessmen allied to run a corrupt system of destruction and economic suicide.

Like dominoes, as the old song sounded back in the early 70s….


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