Kanye and Jovenel : Pathetic

Photo by Ashley Montas

Oh well! Another display of mediocrity, if I may say so earnestly. Rapper Kanye West trying his best to look like a candidate for President of the United States in the November 3 election, met with President of Haiti Jovenel Moise in Cap-Haitien, Haiti, after landing there on a mission, I guess, like the Blues Brothers said in the famous Belluci line from the iconic movie: The Blues Brothers, 1980. Pathetic. On both accounts it was a sad, pathetic affair where both lilliputians truly showed how small they were.

Let’s begin with Kanye West, a crowd pleaser trying to duplicate Michel Martelly’s feat, except on a grander stage. The United States is not Haiti, and the system will not allow a deranged, ill equipped entertainer, no matter how rich, to become president. Martelly was able to achieve the feat in Haiti because the U.S., the UN and the other “friends” of Haiti wanted him in power. Why? Only they can tell what sinister motives led to such a choice. Kanye does not have any chance of winning the presidency. He is on a mission for Donald Trump, or I should say Drump (Dumd +Trump= Drump) to take away as many black votes as he can from Joe Biden, the Democratic Party candidate, on November 3. Drump is hoping that West in addition to his Russian helpers will help him win the presidency. As for Kanye, he’s just putting on a show, except the stage is grander, more prestigious, and can bring great returns. So he is on a mission for Trump, and he’s willing to team up with a racist president, while meeting an illegally elected wannabe dictator holding the presidency of 🇭🇹 Haiti hostage to the sinister plots of his bosses in the international community. West just came from Jamaica where he was not particularly welcomed, and where he did not meet any officials of importance. He got to hang out with Buju Banton before boarding his private jet to come to Haiti.

President Jovenel Moise left Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, to travel to Cap-Haitian on the northern coast, a bit of a distance, to welcome Kanye West. Pathetic. In Port-au-Prince gangsters are causing mayhem and killing people of all walks of life, poor and rich, hard working and idle spenders, Christians and Vaudou worshipers, while the Prime Minister, Joseph Jouthe blames the police chief. Political unrest is gripping the country, as opponents of President Moise, and many people in the civil society and in the population are gearing up to fight plans for upcoming parliamentary elections put forth by the president. Teachers and students are in the streets demanding better pay and improved conditions in the schools. The police force is on the verge of explosion, units fighting against police officers in the streets demanding better pay, better working conditions and the freedom to have a viable syndicate. A shadowy group of police officers and supporters calling themselves Fantom 509 are setting government vehicles on fire, nearly 15 so far, and have set fire to a couple of government offices. The Court of Accounts and Administrative Decisions, in charge of government contracts was invaded by a rogue minister who had to be restrained by Prime Minister Jouthe before matters turned worse. With all these crises gripping the country, and most citizens afraid to carry out their daily activities, President Moise finds the time, and spends the money for travel and security to go to Cap-Haitian, hours away by car for his team, even if he and his wife traveled by helicopter to meet Kanye West. The rapper could not even get to meet a dog catcher in Jamaica, and he is accused of violating Covid protocols there, but President Moise and his wife went way out of their way to meet him, setting aside Covid protocols. Do they even have them for Jovenel? You have to wonder. Moise is hoping to look more legitimate and presidential by meeting a candidate for President of the United States who is a millionaire rapper. Never mind that this candidate is away from the country with a little over a month left in the race, a time when he should be stumping the cities and towns in the U.S. to get votes. It’s a reflection of the serious nature of West’s campaign when he’s vacationing at the height of the race. A pathetic effort to carry out the mission from Drump.

Photo Courtesy of Patrice Douge

Jovenel Moise is facing a stiff opposition to his plan to install a parliament of his choosing in Haiti. By choosing and installing a Provisional Electoral Council he is hoping to place an important pawn on the board. Most of the people selected for the council are unknown individuals who relish the opportunity to enrich themselves. They will do what Jovenel tells them, and get paid in the process. The State Department with Mike Pompeo’s blessing is providing all the support it can muster to get this victory for Drump. So this meeting between Moise and West is all part of the show, and it is a pathetic affair where both individuals come out looking small, especially Jovenel Moise. And if Kanye West thinks he will get votes from Haitian-Americans because of his jaunt to Cap-Haitien he is highly mistaken. Most black people will not vote for him. They will vote for Biden because they want a change that only the Biden-Harris ticket can bring, even if only in part. Racism and poverty will only grow if Drump is re-elected, while white supremacists are going to get bolder and more dangerous.

Kanye West and Jovenel Moise, two puppets on a string?


One thought on “Kanye and Jovenel : Pathetic

  1. You said that,”The United States is not Haiti, and the system will not allow a deranged, ill equipped entertainer, no matter how rich, to become president”, what about Donald Trump? As far as K. West’s visit is concerned, it is not worth a comment


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