Danse Petro: Elections for Drump

Photo by Patrice Douge

President Donald Trump is pressuring politicians and the population in Haiti so that many people accept having elections held to help his campaign in November. Of course, actual elections cannot take place before presidential elections in the United States, but Secretary of State Pompeo can use the announcement of a calendar for parliamentary elections in Haiti as an achievement to proclaim a small victory in foreign affairs for his boss Donald Trump, or Drump, since Dumb + Trump = Drump.

To have elections take place in Haiti presently is to open the Haitian Senate and the Chamber of Deputes to drug dealers, assassins, armed bandits and opportunists from the PHTK and allies of Jovenel Moise, the President of Haiti. Both Drump and Jovenel need elections announced in Haiti with some of the political class on board. Never mind the possibility that election day can turn into a bloodbath, within this context of armed bandits in control of large parts of the country, including most of the National roads leading to Port-au-Prince and the Artibonite department. Once night sets in assassins, bandits and robbers take over the streets in the capital and many other towns. There is no security anywhere in the country, and anyone can be killed, except those that are well protected like the president, the chief of police and the few who can afford max security.

As previously said, Drump is looking for things to point to as achievements in foreign policy because domestically he is not doing great. Yes, the peace agreement that Israel signed with the UAE and Barhain is good, but the Middle East is far, even though important with Jewish voters, and Haiti is important, especially in Florida and New York. Many people in South Florida, not just voters of Haitian descent, but those who are aware of the impact and contribution of immigrants in the state look closely at happenings in the island. People need to be aware of the gore, murders, lawlessness and the destruction of the economy that has taken place during the reign of Jovenel Moise. From those working in agriculture to small business owners the economic situation has worsened. There is no respite in sight because crime has forced businesses and schools to close, while political unrest is growing because the government is inept and corrupted. Even the First Lady, Martine Moise has had her name associated with murder on command, not just recently with the murder of Monferrier Dorval, the head of the Bar Association in Port-au-Prince, but as far back as the massacre in La Salline back in November 2018.

Joe Biden needs to counter the vanilla announcement that Drump and his team want to make, in terms of elections in Haiti, with the truth about the legal bandits masquerading as leaders of Haiti. These Haitian politicians in control of the country are thieves, murderers and bandits, starting with President Moise and all the candidates who will participate in sham elections in this context. Biden needs to seize on this issue to show that Drump is willing to support corruption and mayhem abroad just like he is doing at home with his support of white supremacists. As a person with roots in the Caribbean, Kamala Harris should better understand that U.S. policy is not on the correct side when dealing with Haiti. Biden and Harris must look at Haiti with a fresh perspective, where change is needed to prevent an influx of refugees by creating economic opportunity and political stability. None of this will happen with Jovenel Moise looking to stay in power at the expense of democracy. As I have said before in this blog, Moise wants to change the constitution to allow him to keep the presidency for many terms. He needs to have a parliament that will help him do that. Thus, these parliamentary elections are the first step. Drump is all aboard because he wants to do the same thing in the U.S., so he can emulate his mentor, Vladimir Poutine. Those two presidents think alike, and they are in the process of trying their best to achieve victory.

Photo by Donald Tong on Pexels.com

The past few days have been agitated in Haiti, with police officers demanding release of comrades in jail, burning vehicles and a couple of buildings, all while taking to the streets to demonstrate with their allies. Students from the State University, especially the School of Law and Economics, are also demonstrating because of the murder of Monferrier Dorval who was a University Professor also, and they have set up barricades. Flaming tires are obstructing traffic, while stones and bottles are thrown at police officers in riot gear who reply with tear gas. This is the context which Drump is ignoring when he has his mouth piece Pompeo demand elections in a country that is on the brink of widespread killings. In The U.S. Haitians and those concerned need to rally and stop this macabre plan by getting involved and uniting their voice to defeat Drump and Jovenel the indicted criminal.

Photo courtesy of Patrice Douge

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