Biden Harris: A Team to Reckon With

Photo by Christina Morillo on

With his selection of Kamala Harris as running mate, Presidential candidate Joe Biden has made a strong statement that he is ready for a fight. Kamala Harris is a fighter who showed her mettle in the Democratic primary debates by going on the attack early. She went at Biden like a Doberman who smelled blood. We can expect that Kamala Will have the same attitude when pitted against Pence, a shallow character with little personality.

Kamala Harris will campaign hard and I think she will bring energy and passion to the movement to stop Trump, Dumd + Trump= Drump the despicable or double D. Trump has managed to turn the already horrible Republican party into the repulsivecan party at his beck and call. No matter how much Drump is destroying the party, the repulsivecans still follow him blindly in his mission to make America gullible always.

By choosing Kamala Harris as Vice President, Joe Biden has chosen the right person to not only gain African Americans, but also immigrants, Latinos and many people who feel left out of the economy. Kamala will also have to get women of all walks of life to stand behind the ticket come November. With Karen Jean-Pierre, a Haitian-American in her staff we also hope Haiti will be a key point in the upcoming dialogues preceding November, if Trump doesn’t try to delay voting. More on that in upcoming posts.

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