Danse Petro : Selection derailed

With the recent abdication en masse by the electoral council in Haiti, President Jovenel Moise is faced with a dilemma that may derail his march toward ultimate power. With no parliament to check his decisions, the president is content in his new found power where he governs by decree and lays down all his plans with no one to oppose them. He wants to organize legislative elections as I have said in previous posts to select a parliament made to order where the majority of candidates will be his minions, ready to say yes to all his plans regardless of their nefarious effects on the country. With the guidance of the only club of diplomats in the world, Jovenel can set up a new constitution that will allow him to remain as president, much like a Paul Biya or a Denis Sassou Nguesso, for the next twenty or thirty years, through fake elections, much like the ones he is planning for Haiti in the upcoming months. This plan has just suffered a major setback because the electoral council was a key element in this endeavor. The electoral council was there to allow the president to shove the elections down our throats, regardless of opposition from most of the people in the country. By using force and the control of the electoral process, Jovenel was hoping for elections that would have been a selection of all members of Parliament and the presidency.

From there the next step would have been the destruction of all opposition to his drive toward establishing a dictatorship. I have said that in previous posts, so this is nothing new. But the resignation of the electoral council signals a rebuttal of President Moise’s megalomaniac plans, which could only be achieved through brutal repression and the death and destruction associated. This resignation is a sign from the civil society that it will not cooperate blindly because of being told to do so. Even thought the core group of diplomats for Jovenel Moise, as they should be called, is all in on the macabre plan to ruin the country, while they claim to want to help, members of the civil society are starting to realize that the future of the country is at stake. If Jovenel is not stopped, the country may not survive because from the start his presidency has been a disaster, with agriculture dying and the gourdes losing value every day. Under Jovenel’s presidency all economic indices have gone down and the economy is barely surviving with no electricity, no security and no hope for a better day.

To select a new electoral council, President Moise will need cooperation from organized sectors of the society, a difficult if not impossible task. The president has lost the trust of most of the civil society, save for a minute amount of advisors and some bought and paid for bogus associations. Only the political parties allied with him, like PHTK, KID and Bouclier will participate and agree to the selection of a new council, so Jovenel will find it difficult to put together a new electoral council that will be legitimate and recognized by all. With the youth ready to hit the pavement behind Nou Pap Domi, Petro challenge and Fos Delmas, to name a few of the groups who have held the baton in opposing the PHTK dynasty, selection rather than a real election will not be easy.

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