Danse Petro :darkness ahead

With his recent declaration, President Jovenel Moise has clearly stated his intention to remain as president of the country past his mandate, which ends in February 2021. The president who barely managed to get elected with 500,000 votes in a country of 12 million people believes that he has a God given mission to lead the country. He said that no one can take the power away from him. In a previous post I spoke about the plan to change the constitution to allow Mr. Moise to seek re-election by using legislative elections to take control of parliament for his allies. The plan is still in place, and with recent events it seems that Moise has gained confidence in his attempt to rule the country forever.

With the support of various gangs, Moise plans to control the Senate and the lower chamber by ensuring his allies win all the elections, using gangs to control the process. The G 9, a group of heavily armed gangs is the key to installing fear and terror that will ensure Moise’s minions take over parliament. From there, the constitution will be changed to allow Jovenel Moise to remain in power. The only Club of diplomats in the world, the so called Core Group that supports Moise on his destruction of Haiti’s socio-economic fabric by supporting his megalomaniac quest for ultimate power has clearly shown that their goal is to place their puppet in power. February 2021 will signal a crossroad that will be key to the future of Haiti. Either Jovenel Moise will remain as president, by using the gangs and the support from the Core Group to violently suppress the population, or the opposition and it’s allies will force him to accept the end of his constitutional mandate and step down. In the meantime poverty and Covid-19 continue to rage, leaving the population in dire straits. In the upcoming days, groups like the Petro challengers and Nou Pap Domi will take to the street to mobilize support against the situation in the country. So far, the future looks bleak as the country is in darkness with little or no electricity and the price of basic food items rising everyday.


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