Danse Petro 2019 left behind : A Tale of Two Presidents

The Ogre looked out to the sea, waves gently washing on the beach, a few coconut trees and white sand albeit with some uncleaned trash that he would speak to his Chief Baka about, feeling a bit better.  He had decided to move to his palatial dwelling near the beach by the islands off the coast, a place where he could easily see whatever headed this way, with his bakas posted on the perimeter.  There he felt safe surrounded by guards while enjoying the fresh breeze and quiet environment. A few rich people had barricaded themselves on the islands off the coast where they held lavish parties; Ogre usually attended with his wife Tine.  After surviving the past episode when the difference between life and death was too close for comfort he needed to be somewhere he could rest and not worry constantly.

Unfortunately, danger was everywhere, starting in Gonaives where Tuttle and his crew ruled with an iron fist.  Ogre had tried to reason with him to form an alliance and start conquering the other departments, but this man, surrounded by family members even more obstinate, refused to even consider such a proposal and often his gunmen from Raboto would ride down and shoot at Ogre’s bakas near L’Estere, a town which was controlled by local gangs that payed tribute to no one.  Danger could also come from Port-au-Prince, for even though his bakas controlled Arcahaie, fighting daily against infiltrators from Cabaret which was a no man’s land, those wild dreadlocks wearing heathens had him worried him constantly.

Ogre could not relax in peace because of the ever present fear of the warlords from Port-au-Prince.  These guys rode around in heavy cylindered motorcycles, sporting sunglasses while listening to rap music from booming speakers.  The smallest gang had at least 100 members and two guys ruled this apocalyptic version of Escape from New York.  At Portail Saint Joseph Vadel received tribute from all gangs in Delmas, downtown and the area north all the way to Cabaret where his guys descended daily shooting and setting fires.  They spent their down time organizing huge rap concerts where crowds descended with everyone wearing black, the color accepted by Vadel’s crew; Baron Samedi was the symbolic image they used as a tag.

tornado on body of water during golden hour
Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com

Portail Leogane was ruled by Gwo Van who had a whole army of armed thugs at his disposal.  Headquartered in Gran Ravin near Martissant, his gang lorded over a territory that stretched all the way to Leogane and beyond.  Usually his guys tried to keep the peace while maintaining a semblance of order.  Of course wise guys ransomed merchants and at night unless well protected by bodyguards you couldn’t  get around, but during the day business carried on as usual and schools functioned despite the constant gunfire.  Gwo Van liked to think that he ran his territory with sophistication and in a modern fashion.  He despised Ogre, thought the latter was an illiterate buffoon and he had vowed to chop off his head.  He always carried a hand grenade that he vowed to stick somewhere within Ogre.

The scar on his visage kept reminding Ogre of the past failure of his guard.  Those on duty that night did not live to regret it and the town folks in Saint Marc would never forget that day.  Even his Chief Baka had to grovel, kill his girlfriend and her brother to survive the aftermath.  He had been pleased by CB’s eagerness in Saint Marc; a good soldier who deserved rewards.  Later, they all went to the Cathedral to be blessed by the Bishop, grateful as he was for the new roof and gold bars.  The servant of God prayed particularly passionately in his attempt to convey the spirit of forgiveness and repentance for those who had done the most evil action of the past, lest the future not bring the promised bliss.  Gone must be the recriminations from evil doers intent on desecrating the good of the many for a few luminaries.  And rejoice the Bishop finally boomed from his pulpit for God will open his arms and welcome all of you, his children whom he loves, in paradise.

In Haiti and in the United States two presidents are facing troubled times at a key point in their respective presidencies.  Of course, we are talking about Donald Trump and Jovenel Moise.  They are both welcoming a new year with great trepidation and that fear will lead them to act either decisively to save their mandate or they will enter into foolish decisions and suffer the consequences along with both of the countries involved which will suffer great harm.

President Trump has been impeached by the House of Representatives and even though he is pretty sure the Senate will let him walk, information may come out that will damage his attempt at reelection.  This is why Senator McConnel is trying to limit the damage by not allowing a wide open free for all where some witnesses will bring damaging evidence.  For Trump, his rabid followers need to ramp up the rhetoric and serve as a rallying point for Republican Senators so that they can drown out the Democrats in a procedural fight that will end with a quick vote when the majority can say enough is enough let’s vote and spare the American people the agony of watching this useless spectacle.

On the other hand Senators on the side of the Democrats will try to bring in witnesses and make it a messy affair.  A colleague and collaborator to this blog Jimmy Moise, CEO of Le P’ti Club in Miramar, Florida first exposed the theory that President Donald Trump was a Russian asset working under the control of Vladimir Putin.  His articles, Conspiracy Theory which were posted on this site two years ago talked about the ties between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin way before members of the Democratic Party entertained the idea. You can look back to earlier posts on Deyemoncom.blog to read the articles and follow up by this author.  If America is showed how Donald Trump’s action as President of the USA are threatening the security of the country, the hearings can become messy.  Do not forget that senators can speak for longer periods than representatives and a guy like Corey Booker who is trailing in the polls, can look at this show as the only opportunity to make a dent in the race.  Kamala Harris will try to rebound from having to quit the race and she will be on the attack.  Or maybe I’m delusional and they will all fold and mighty Trump will prevail.  Who Knows?

President Jovenel Moise is facing a more pressing challenge with the new year coming.  First, he needs to survive the turmoil that will undoubtedly take place on the 1st of January, Independence Day, the most revered Holiday in Haitian culture along with the Day of the Ancestors on the 2nd.  Major demonstrations are planned on the 1st in all major towns in Haiti.  Crowds will descend from the ghettos and areas of modest means in Port-au-Prince, Cap Haitien, Les Cayes, Petit Goave and most other major towns.  Can the police stop people from gathering early and suppress demonstrations at the onset?  That will be the challenge which the Haitian National Police may not be able to keep because the size of the crowds and the fact that the police force is small will make it hard for them to be in many places at the same time.  The opposition has been quiet since before the holidays of December and this has instilled a false sense of security.  Of course, in the meantime kidnappings, rape and robberies have been taken place often, especially in the poor neighborhoods.  In Petion-Ville the fear of being snatched by the gangsters has risen dramatically with a few well known victims taken during the past few days.

President Moise may survive the trouble ahead but at what cost to the economy and the social life.  Judging by reports from economists who are watching the situation, the economy in Haiti has never suffered so much in terms of inflation, loss of jobs, depreciation of the local currency and overall destruction of the agricultural and small business sectors.   The country has been identified as heading toward famine in some regions, while the daily amount of calories being taken in by the majority has decreased significantly.  Food is so expensive that some people in the lower middle class echelon only have one meal a day.  The rest of the time hunger is a constant companion.  In order for Haiti to become safe and secure the political situation needs to be resolved so that people start believing in a plan that will bring a better 2020. During the holidays past and coming people enjoyed themselves and will continue to do so in Petion-Ville, parts of Jacmel and in Cap Haitien near Mont Joli and Carrenage, but most of the country remained in the dark brooding and malcontent.  Never has the gap between the few that have and the massive crowds that do not have been so big in Haiti.

The coming days will decide the fate of both presidents and the progress or regress that will happen in both countries.  As it’s so often said only time will tell.20190803_184311









































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