Welcome Back Dadou!!!

Last Friday July 26, South Florida welcomed its adopted son, singer and Guitarist extra ordinaire Dadou Pasquet, at Kasa Champet , the Haitian restaurant and nightclub on Pines Blvd in Broward County.  Fresh from Fermathe in Haiti where he lives Dadou dazzled and majestically entertained a more than happy crowd which came to celebrate the return of the sorely missed Maestro.  Jimmy Moise, Kasa Champet and Island TV presented an entertaining affair with Le P’ti Club, the social organization Jimmy presides along with Mrs Pasquet who was a very gracious host.  She along with her friend Mrs. Adeline Bernadel Damas, wife of the late Joe Damas, charmingly greeted her many friends and fans of her husband who braved a nasty rain to come listen to our virtuoso.  Jimmy was also on hand along with his friend Ely Nicoleau to greet and guide those who came, ready to party.

The evening started right on time at 9 PM with perhaps half of the crowd in attendance, as Haitians love lo be fashionable late.  But among the early arrivals we have to mention Elizabeth Guerin and the whole Island TV family which was the life of the party.  Elizabeth looked great, tastefully dressed, smiling and dancing through the night.  But more on the Island TV family later.  Early on Dadou began proceedings with some pleasant jazz, starting with Take 5, the lovely standard made famous by the Dave Brubeck quartet.  Dadou likes to dazzle a bit in the beginning as he offered some masterful solos early on. The cat is not just a great singer, but also a great guitarist, comfortable playing Jazz, R&B, latin and Konpa, his first love.  The club was tastefully decorated and tables would soon be filled as stragglers rushed in to enjoy the groove and escape the nasty weather.  Despite the rain the crowd filled the place up as the evening progressed.

By eleven o’clock Dadou Pasquet was in his groove, playing his first love Konpa, as we have said, before a dance floor filled with couples rejoicing, some reliving the old days.  Oupila brought tears to some eyes, perhaps remembering that old flame, first love maybe.  Those lyrics are so a propos talking about that time when love truly meant something.  This is the way music should be with words that make sense entertaining you with wit and feelings, like poetry, the verses floating in the air on a groove created by the musical background.  That song is a classic, always enjoyable both in words and in music.  The crowd really enjoyed the shift and the dance floor rocked.

As Mentioned before, the Island TV family came in full force, led by Mr. Fred Beliard, PDG and Chairman of the media, Elizabeth Guerin, CEO, Ms. Christalie Parisot and her father Frantz Parisot, more on Christalie soon – we need to really show you the nice and prestigious audience which came to enjoy our Maestro – Olivier Duret, artist and singer, formerly with T-Vice and Konbeat, was there with his wife.  Also in attendance we had Patrick Eliancy who is a News Anchor and Mrs. Guerline Brutus, CEO of Kasa Champet, so we can say she was home I guess; Ms. Sandra Gabriel, CEO of Haiti-Legends also came with Mrs. Carole Hollant a good friend; they both sat near out team where Mrs. Pasquet was charmingly greeting all the guests.  Sandra looked great in a tasteful black dress while her constant smiling and dancing showed how much she enjoyed the party.  Felix Etienne and Harry Leconte, both musicians in the HMI came to provide reinforcement, while seated to the right of the stage , Jean Nicoleau was in attendance with some friends, only Lionel Nicoleau was missing.

A highlight of the evening occurred when Christalie Parisot, whom we mentioned before, got on stage and performed a duet with Dadou Pasquet.  Christalie is a Director at Island TV and it seems she has a future singing.  Along with Dadou she was one of the highlight of the night performing Se Verite, an old favorite of Magnum Band, the group Dadou has led for over forty years. They both regaled the attendees combining into a groove that had everyone cheering and clapping.  Christalie can feel confident that she rocked and represented well.  Her father felt good watching his daughter perform alongside the master, Dadou Pasquet, a true star who deserves recognition for nearly fifty years of jamming and entertaining.  It was a nice moment and you can bet the Island TV family was on their feet, along with all of us, I dare say.

As the evening progressed Serge Moise made an entrance along with Chef Raymond Gordon, Violette Moise was also present to make the evening truly memorable.  They brought along Felix Paultre, the DJ at Jaydyne’s who quickly made his way to the dance floor to enjoy the last few songs Dadou played before closing.  The atmosphere was electric, the crowd rejoiced and the music flowed, masterfully played by Dadou and his friends and colleagues, of whom we must mention Yvon Abel on bass guitar.  As all good things come to an end and since morning had already come the Maestro brought the party to an end around 3 AM.  It was a great party, the kind you remember and tell friends about, a beautiful crowd, elegant and attractive ladies while the guys represented.  The DJ tried to keep things going but as soon as Dadou ended the show everyone left and the party was over.  Dadou graciously thanked those who had braved the elements to come enjoy his show before closing.20190727_014715

We hope the Maestro will come to Broward again soon because we are all his fans and always enjoy his performances.  Dadou is among the best and South Florida is his second home after Haiti.

Jimmy Moise and Le P’ti Club are waiting for all of us every Friday in August at Jaydyne Restaurant on Johnson Street in Hollywood for more entertainment.













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