Hello everyone.  Deyemoncom has been off the air for awhile.  We want to welcome our followers back.  Today we are going to talk about the November 6 election in Florida.  Deyemoncom and Le P’tit Club want to endorse Herbert Goldwire for the post of  Commissioner in the City of Dania Beach.  Herbert Goldwire is a candidate who has some fantastic ideas and plans for the City of Dania Beach and he comes with a platform that can only be described as people oriented.  Herbert Goldwire’s platform includes a strong push to establish a Boys & Girls club in Dania Beach so that young people have a safe place to socialize and learn that will keep them away from trouble.  Herbert wants to make the community safer by working with churches, the police force and community leaders to make our streets safe.  We want to establish Elder programs for the retired folks and free health care services for those who cannot afford proper health care.  Home beautification, the fight to improve problems with traffic, childhood education is an important aspect of our campaign along with improvements in the parks, the streets and a strong effort to have clean neighborhoods.

Herbert Goldwire will fight to keep our property taxes low and create job opportunities for all.  It is important that we foster business development that will give people jobs and a chance to earn a living while ensuring that we do not sell out to those that come from other states to change the fabric of our community.  As a long time resident of Dania Beach, Herbert Goldwire has worked with school children and as a Health Care professional he has served on advisory boards to help improve the health care available to residents of Broward County in general.

Le P’tit club is celebrating 15 years of service to the South Florida community and Jimmy Moise the CEO and founder of Le P’tit Club and Serge Moise would like to strongly endorse Herbert Goldwire for Commissioner of the City of Dania Beach.  Deyemoncom is also endorsing Herbert Goldwire and we want to urge people in the community to go vote on November 6 and make your vote count.  Do not forget to also vote for Andrew Gillum for Governor of Florida who Herbert Goldwire is also supporting.  This will be an important election and we are urging the people to get out and vote for Goldwire and Gillum, the two Gs on November 6.  Herbert Goldwire is a family man who is married to a nurse of Haitian descent for over 18 years and they have two good looking boys, so as you can see family is important to our candidate.

Herbert Goldwire  for Commissioner in the City of Dania Beach.  Visit our web site: http://www.Goldwire4daniabeach.com and do not forget to like us on facebook.  Thank you for your vote.


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