Daily Prompt: Core

Daily Prompt: Core When we think of the core it’s related to the center.  We can also speak of the essential part that drives the whole.  The core can be seen on three levels, physical, mental and spiritual.  On the physical side we start with the earth.  At the core we find gases, stored energy which produces lava and all that volcanic activity.  In Hawaii now this energy is being released in a frightening way with homes and structures eaten literally by the lava flow.  On the mental side we can look at intelligence and socialization as the core of our mental approach.  Learning and development are the expressions of this core.  We are curious by nature and this comes from the core of our approach to existence.  Humans are intelligent animals and the only difference between them and the other kinds of living beings is the ability to think and analyze.  Of course we don’t all do that but by and large the majority of people use their mind.

On the spiritual level, core is not easy to grasp much less understand.  The soul is at the core of existence and we all try to save it but do we know what it is?    Can we act on the soul, change it or upgrade it?  Do we communicate with it?  Does it pray with us when we kneel and face the east for those who favor this type of prayer or does it accompany us in the houses of worship?  Will the soul go to heaven or reincarnate?   All these questions are at the core of our search for spiritual bliss.


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