Apprentice Politics

You’re fired.  Donald Trump felt great, back to posturing like the days of TV.  Rex Tillerson did not even get the chance to give a report on his meetings in Africa with some key leaders.  Fired.  Twitter Trump at his best.  This shows that on the heels of his remarks on s**hole countries the trip by the Secretary of State was lip service politics.  No need to get a report or even bother to speak with the envoy.  His mission was a lure, a waste of time and taxpayer money.  Twitter Trump cares very little about Africa and African people.  He prefers people from Norway in particular and Europe in general, blonde and sexy.  Remember this gentleman likes to grab them by the p**sy.  But this is off the topic, my apologies.  Twitter did not wait for Mr. Tillerson’s return from a “key” voyage in a continent that is ripe for investments with huge natural resources to be exploited before he got rid of him.  Chinese international business interests are jumping in glee because once again like the proverbial elephant in a glass house the President of the United States has acted on impulse rather than protecting U.S. interest.  After the unfortunate remark that we all remember this latest action speaks volumes.  Leaders in Africa will listen to the Chinese with a lot more attention while American businesses will suffer.

Even if President Trump wanted to get rid of Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, he should have waited a few days to allow for a report out of respect for the leaders who met the Secretary of State.  They would have understood and not felt slighted.  Watching Rex during his press conference you could see and feel his frustration.  He looked like he wanted to explode.  We all remember that he called Trump a moron.  So Twitter got revenge.  Tit for Tat and a shame for the American Presidency/  If The democrats in the senate had a backbone they would vote against the replacements for both Secretary of State and CIA Director.  But alas they have too much to lose, special interests you know, big money.

On another front, something interesting.  Who served as a go between to set up the meeting between the President of North Korea and President Donald Trump?  I’m sure it wasn’t Rex; he was in Africa on his way to being canned.  It could not have been Jared Kushner or his wife Ivanka:  lightweights who could not even set up a meeting with Ruaaisn cronies without tripping all over themselves.  Could it have been Vladimir Putin?  After all he is a friend of Kim Jun, the president of North Korea, and he seems to enjoy a special relationship with President Trump.  It is surprising that no one has chosen to inquire about the channels that brought about the meeting between the two leaders.  After all they are not the type who call each other to do lunch downtown.  Someone had to set this up.  Maybe the leader of South Korea?  This is also unlikely because he is involved in his own negotiations which he wants to keep the U.S. away from.  He would not ant a meeting between the two other protagonists, Trump and Kim, because that would distract Kim and hinder his own deal.  So we’re back to Putin, the only one with the clout to broker this kind of meet, mafia style.




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