Conspiracy Theory (Op-ed) by Jimmy Moise

The Whole story

Donald Trump’s love affair with everything Russian started in 1987 during his first exploratory trip to Russia.  Then he started to develop a strong taste for the “Oligarch” treatment and style of life reserved to those rich and famous like him in Russia.  “They know how to treat people”, he would later argue in private conversation.  Fast forward to the early 90s and the fall of the iron curtain and the Mikhail Gorbachev, Boris Eltsin era.  Donald Trump benefited tremendously from the multiple relationships he maintained with the Russian Oligarchs he had met who came in large impressive numbers to rent, lease and ostentatiously associate their wealth with the Trump Brand in Midtown Manhattan.

We jump thirty years from the first trip in 1987 to 2013 with the Miss Universe pageant in Moscow.  Donald Trump has been accustomed for over thirty years to the lifestyle of the oligarch: lavish luxury with over the top comfort in Deluxe Penthouse apartments, expensive cars, jewelry and tall, mostly blond sexy women of good breeding.

This is the real jet set 2.0 Donald Trump

Now if it isn’t during those thirty years of travel, including Russia sometimes, that he was recruited by Vladimir Putin who was on the rise then, on the way to becoming the richest man in Russia if not the world by consolidating his power in Moscow.  If not during those years then probably in 2013 during the Miss Universe Pageant; Donald Trump himself raised the possibility that YES he met with Putin during one of his many press interviews then quickly recanted by saying no he never mat the man before.  But WHY?

One possibility is that by now since we know that Donald Trump has a hard time keeping a secret and loves to boast during one of his interviews he could not resist wanting to appear big and powerful by saying yes I know Vladimir Putin.  He is a friend of mine.  But then he remembered that he was bound to secrecy because he had effectively met Putin in secret, so he backtracked.

Putin saw in him a potential if perhaps unwilling agent in the making and eventually encouraged him to take the fist step and bid for the Presidency of the United States to test the waters.  This is how Donald Trump became an unwilling agent for Vladimir Putin because of the great number of lucrative deals he has facilitated with his Russian oligarch cronies.  Knowing big business, big money is Donald Trump’s weakness.  The man will do anything for big, big money.

So, Robert Mueller, the special investigator, knows or understands all of that, and this is why he said “let’s follow the money”.  This falls exactly within the scope of the investigation’s mandate given ti Mueller by Rob Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General.  The real story then is The Russian President Vladimir Putin possibly has an agent sitting in the White House

Remember that this is the hard task Mueller will have to prove considering that Putin has done everything possible to cover his tracks when dealing with his agent.  He is daring Robert Mueller now by saying “FIND MY TRACKS ID YOU CAN”.  So Mueller will have to come up with concrete evidence to show and dismantle the nest of spies around the presidency of the USA, including Paul Manafort and the whole Russia spy operation.

The Conspiracy Theory by Jimmy Moise, a freelance writer. @lepeticlub


Jimmy Moise is the President of lepeticlub, a social organisation based in South Florida that is dedicated to Art, Music and the sociopolitical life of Haitian-Americans and those of Caribbean and/ or Haitian descent living in South Florida.  lepeticlub has sponsored, organized and participated in a wealth of significant activities related to art and entertainment in South Florida which has contributed to Miramar being on the map in terms of visibility and entertainment.  Jimmy has served his community well in many different capacities and he will be welcome as an occasional contributor to this blog.


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