So Sad

The president of the United States of America, one of the leading countries in the world in terms of economic development and immigration applications, has proven to be racist, ignorant and a sad example as the leader of the country.  Mr. Trump’s depiction of Haiti and African countries as S**t holes comes in the heel of his declaration that Haitians are bringing AIDS to the country.  By African countries we can be sure that he means those with a majority of black people, just like Haiti is populated by and large by black people.  Mr. Trump has never liked black people or to be more precise people of African descent.  We all remember his disdain for then president Barak Obama.

The sad part is that the president of the United States is also a liar who does not face up to what he says.  He denies calling Haiti and African countries S**t holes, but credible witnesses, such as Senator Dick Durbin, contradicted him and said they heard  all the vile utterances.  So not only is Mr. Trump racist, he is also a liar and a coward.  It is also sad that reactions from Haiti and the Haitian community abroad have been muted so far.  Anderson Cooper registered his dismay and sadness while berating Mr. Trump.  Good for him and CNN.  Rep. Mia Love, a republican member of congress whose parents are from Haiti also registered a strong disapproval of those words from the leader of her party.  We have yet to hear from athletes who are either from Haiti or are close to Haiti, like Enes Kanter from the Knicks who sent us a message of love recently.


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